Five Solutions For Summer Cleaning

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Summer means getting outdoors, taking road trips, and eating out with friends. It also means burnt skin, stinky waste bins, and grimy cars.

Keeping control of messes and odors can be tough when temperatures soar. But getting a handle on hygiene is not impossible. Here are a few products that can help you deal with the special challenges of summer

deb stoko® Stokoderm® Sun Protect 30

Perfume free and water resistant, this sunscreen is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and does not affect dexterity with hand-held tools, making it ideal for outdoor workers.

Diversey Suma® Dumpster Fresh™ Treatment

With its strong cleaner, knock-down fragrance and bioactive formula, this treatment quickly goes to work creating enzymes to digest grease.

Diversey BreakDown™ Odor Eliminator

This powerful odor eliminator is versatile and effective against a wide range of odors in carpets, washrooms, trash cans, and more.

A&G Supply Super Duper Car Wash

Formulated for use in foaming brush and hand mitt applications, this detergent is gentle on hands and will not harm paint, rubber, or chrome.

Cascades Snow Owl™ Single Roll Bath Tissue

This bath tissue is perfect for the food service industry, with 1000 sheets per roll and a convenient design that works in any dispenser.

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