Pre-Snow Stockpile: 5 Must-Have Winter Products From A&G

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Have you felt it yet? That first cool breeze has officially hit, signaling the beginning of the colder months. For maintenance professionals, this means so much more than simply pulling a parka out of the closet; now is the time when the preparation begins to make sure that your property stays safe and clean this winter. Check out these fantastic winter must-haves from A&G Supply:


Diversey ProSpeed? Finish Applicator Tool

This tool simplifies the floor finish application process with an integrated system to improve productivity while eliminating waste.  

Diversey Vectra Floor Finish- 2.5 L ProSpeed

This floor cleaner cures quickly, and easily removes scuff marks, saving you time while providing a brilliant finish and better buff response.

Diversey Vectra Floor Finish- 5 Gal Envirobox and Diversey Vectra Floor Finish 1 Gal

Gearing up for winter? Buy some extra units of your favourite Floor Finish to keep on hand for the particularly slushy days!

Americo Dirt Trapper Rubber Scraper Mat- 36” by 72”

This mat has a grippy ribbed backing, keeping it in place even under slippery conditions. The heavy duty construction and flexible rubber tips remove dirt and debris and store it discreetly until it’s time to be cleaned.

Stock Up Now and Save

Don’t wait until the first storm to pick up the tools you need to maintain a safe and clean space this winter. Plan ahead and buy now! To learn more about A&G supply, or to explore the other products in our extensive catalogue, visit our website or give us a call!