A Clean Slate for Spring

March has arrived, and the team at A&G Supply Ltd. is eagerly awaiting the most wonderful time of the year. You guessed it: Spring Cleaning!


That’s right- we’re not afraid to admit our overwhelming enthusiasm for all things clean and tidy. And it’s no wonder why: With such an extensive catalogue of affordable, high quality cleaning and maintenance supplies, it’s easy to get excited about the yearly Spring Cleanup.

Get a head start on your Spring Cleaning with these handy products from A&G Supply Ltd.:

Tennant T2 Walk-Behind Compacy Scrubber - 17" Disk

Perfect for small areas and route cleaning, this scrubber delivers superior scrubbing and floor safety assurance with its 1.0 hp brush monitor, water recover technology, and unique storage and transport feature.

Tennant E5 Carpet Extractor

This extractor’s dual overlapping spray jets and exceptional vacuum suction maximize cleaning performance, effortlessly removing tough stains.

Tennant S3 Manual Walk-Behind Sweeper

TwinMax™ sweeping technology ensures maximum debris pickup, and the low-profile design and dual side brushes allow you to easily clean under objects and hard-to-reach areas.

Arcoa E-Z Reacher® - 32"

Pick up hard to reach items, unhygienic litter, or fallen leaves in the pool with this rust-free aluminum and stainless steel tool. From as small as a dime to as heavy as a 5 lb brick, the rubber cup pickup grips have got you covered.

Betco® pHerfect Floor Neutralizer and Cleaner - Gal

The perfect product for spring cleaning your floors after a long winter! Penetrate and clean tough soils and neutralize common ice melt ingredients without leaving any residue behind.

So what are you waiting for? Stock up on supplies and make way for spring with A&G Supply Ltd. Take a look at our online catalogue or give us a call to learn more about our products.

The following manufacturers have announced price increases:
Sprayway - aerosols - 5% effective March 1, 2017
Ronco - gloves and safety - 5% to 7% effective March 15, 2017
US Chemical - laundry and dish washing chemicals - 5% effective April 1, 2017