Load Up On Laundry

laundry cleaning solutions

Few things create a first impression for guests and residents more than soft, clean linen.


In addition to carrying an extensive selection of cleaning supplies, we also employ two full-time factory-trained technicians to assist our clients in getting optimum results from their in-house laundry equipment!

If your team is looking for ways to make your in-house laundry system more effective and efficient, take a look at these products from A&G Supply Ltd.

US Chemical Ultra Active® 1 Break- 2.5 Gal

An integral part of the Ultra Active® Laundry System, this liquid blend of alkaline builders, water sequestrants, and soil suspension agents delivers optimum cleaning efficiency.

US Chemical Ultra Active® Suds- 2.5 Gal

This sweeper’s low profile design makes it easy to clean under hard-to-reach areas, while the dual side brushes provide consistent edge-sweeping and extended reach.

US Chemical Ultra Active® 7 Sour- 2.5 Gal

Designed for use in the Ultra Active® system, this highly efficient souring agent will neutralize alkaline residues from detergents and water supply. Removes rust and prevents browning of fabric during ironing! 

System-1 Detergent Plus- 25 lbs

Developed for use in iron-bearing water supplies, this combination laundry detergent and oxygen bleaching agent is pleasantly scented, and provides heavy-duty cleaning power on both white and coloured laundry.

Clean laundry is an essential part of your business. And at A&G Supply Ltd., we believe that with the right products and expertise, your guests and residents will by happy to stay and return to your facilities.

* Please note the following manufacturers' future price increases:

Kruger Products, SCA Tissue, and Cascades Tissue Group - up to 9% July 1, 2017.