Stock Up For Pool Season

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All Hands on Deck! Stock up for Pool Season Today

Keeping a pool clean and safe during the summer months takes a great deal of time and energy. Skip a day of skimming, testing, and scrubbing and you might just find yourself swimming in extra work.

So why make your job more difficult by using products and tools that are anything less than the best? With the help of the right maintenance products from A&G Supply Ltd., you’ll cut down on time spent cleaning, to make room for more summer enjoyment.

These 20 gram stabilized chlorine tablets control bacteria and algae, keeping pool water clean and clear.

Lawrasons AQUA Super Pucks – 20 kg

Reduce skin and eye irritation by using this chlorine and bromine-free oxidizer to shock-treat your pool. This formula dissolves completely with no calcium buildup, to make daily cleaning a breeze.

Lawrasons AQUA Brite Plus Chlorine-Free Oxidizer – 8 kg

This all-natural, non-toxic formula eliminates oil and scum deposits by coagulating tiny particles that build up in the water. Make your pool water shine and improve your filter performance with this one, powerful product.

Lawrasons AQUA Super Clarifier – 3.6 L

This 50% concentrated non-foaming algaecide is effective on green, mustard, and other algae, making it an effective, wide spectrum product.

Lawrasons AQUA Wham-O – 3.6 L

Containing 50 test strips per bottle, these strips are an all-in-one solution to test for free-chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, pH, total hardness, and cyanuric acid.

Lawrasons Insta Test Strips – 6

Perfume-free and water resistant, this powerful sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It’s ideal for outdoor workers as it can withstand heavy perspiration or immersion in water.

The right tools create the cleanest pools. Plan ahead and stock up today on your favourite pool maintenance products from A&G Supply Ltd.

* Please note the following manufacturers' future price increases:

Kruger Products, SCA Tissue, and Cascades Tissue Group - up to 7% - effective July 1st.

Tyte Paper (paper towels and tissue) - 7% - effective July 1st.

Westbond Paper (paper towels and tissue) - 5% - effective July 1st.