The Big November 2017 Sale

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November Sale! Incredible Deals on Excellent Products- While Supplies Last

As the year draws to a close, manufacturers decide what they’ll be carrying the following year; keeping some products and discontinuing others. For A&G Supply Ltd. customers, this means one thing: SALE! 

During the month of November, A↦G Supply Ltd. is offering incredible pricing on many discontinued products. Just use the promotional code, “NovSpecEquip” at the checkout to receive the discount! These deals won’t last, so be sure to check out the online catalogue before it’s too late.

Betco™ GeneSys™ 15 Small Area Cleaning Machine – 15”

This machine’s closed loop solution design ensures that only clean water is applied to the surface, while dirt and contaminants are extracted by a high power vacuum motor. All that power, inside an easy-to-store, compact machine.

Betco® Crewman™ Orbital Strip Machine - 20" w/Weights

Cut through even the toughest floor finish in just one pass! This strip machine features a durable cast iron base and weights for maximum head pressure and fast results.

Clarke® Vantage 13 Compact Micro Autoscrubber® - 13"

Armed with two sets of squeegees, this scrubber recovers cleaning solution in forward and reverse, delivering a deep, uniform clean with even, consistent pressure.

Betco® MotoMop™ Cleaning Machine - 13.5"

4 times faster than a mop and bucket, and 38 times more effective, the Motomop™ leaves floors dry and safe, with a 360’ motion that cleans in all directions. It’s the perfect cost-effective solution for schools, hospitals, and retail.

KaiVac® 2150 No-Touch Cleaning™ System - 21 Gal.