Safe and Sparkling Flooring


Keep Your Flooring Safe and Sparkling with These Products from A&G Supply Ltd.

Let’s face it: Your floors can only take so much. Foot traffic, road salt, slush, sleet, and soil- it takes its toll. During this time of year, keeping your floors clean can be particularly helpful in the long run, saving you the time and cost of repairs and extensive maintenance. A little bit goes a long way!

A&G Supply Ltd. carries an extensive catalogue of floor conditioners, scrubbers, and finishes to keep your flooring in great shape for years to come.

Betco® pHerfect Floor Neutralizer and Cleaner

This high quality neutralizer will remove ice melt while conditioning your floors to perfection. Ideal for the period after stripping and before coating, this product leaves very little residue.

Tennant T1 Battery Micro-Scrubber- 15”, AGM Battery

Perfect for use in high traffic areas, this micro-scrubber is cordless, mitigating the tripping risk of visitors passing by. The compact design delivers forward and reverse scrubbing and drying, providing best in class results.

Karcher® BR 30/4C Upright Automatic Floor Scrubber

Ideal for use on hard floors and tile, this scrubber delivers superior efficiency and hygiene as compared to a traditional manual mop.

Easy Paks® Neutralizer/Conditioner- .5 oz

This amazing product acts as both an alkaline neutralizer for use after stripping and cleaning, as well as an odour neutralizer on bathroom floors and showers. The concentrated powdered compound quickly dissolves in water to produce a cleaning dilution that can be varied to meet your needs.

Diversey Signature® UHS Floor Finish- 5 Gal. Envirobox™

Simple to add and maintain, this product delivers unparalleled shine and gloss, excellent durability, and dirt release. It’s no wonder why this formulation is the world’s number one selling floor finish!